The Best Way to Polish Marble Floors at Home

Marble is kind of metamorphic rock. It is natural formed in the earth’s crust. By means of too much level of heat and pressure over time, marbles were able to formed. Today, many house owners would choose using marbles when building their homes. Marbles can be installed on floors, countertops, bathrooms and kitchen. They add beauty and class to every part of your home. But despite of what the advantages they can provide to you, marbles should be properly maintained by means of cleaning and polishing them in regular basis. It is important to clean and polish them in order to keep them beautiful, shiny and look natural. On the other hand, you can easily clean and polish the marbles in your home just by using proper products that can be found inside your cleaning cabinet or can be bought in a local store. But, these solutions must be used properly and correctly to avoid damages on the marble surfaces.

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First, clean the entire floor. Wash the floor and get rid of the dirt and dust. If there are stubborn stains on the marbles, just use some amount of baking soda mixed with warm water. Baking soda solution is typically effective in erasing visible stains on the marble surfaces. Dampen a clean cloth or a sponge and simply wipe the stained floors. Wring out the cloth or the sponge and simply repeat this step until no more dirt and stains were left. Then wait for some few hours and allow the marble to dry. When dried, you will notice some dried baking soda on the marbles, simply wipe it off with clean wet cloth. Get a dry cloth and wipe the floor to dry.

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Now get ready to polish the marble floor. You can use a good polishing product which is suitable for marbles. Choose a product with neutral pH level. Never use a vinegar for marbles. Acid could extremely damage the marbles in your home. Before you use a product, read first its instructions.  If applied, buff the floor. In buffing, you need to utilize a buffer machine but if you do not have a machine, you can rent one to a marble floor restoration company.

But keep in mind that dull marbles and with severe damages, it is best to contact a professional marble floor restoration company and let the experts handle the marbles.