Polished Concrete Adds Style and Elegance to your Floors

Concrete is now becoming a stylish choice for indoor flooring. Many homeowners and businesses choose to enhance their concrete floors by concrete polishing because aside from its style and durability, polished concrete floors have benefits that make it a very good alternative to other types of flooring.

Less Maintenance

Polished concrete floors are easy to clean and are low-maintenance. In case of spills which can cause stains, you just need to wipe the area thoroughly with a good detergent to restore its appeal. Polished concrete floors only need regular sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming. The dense surface of the concrete floor inhibits stains from oils or liquids. They are stain-proof, waterproof, and resistant to bacteria. They can withstand spilled water, pet messes, and they don’t absorb odors.


Polished concrete are sometimes mistaken for marble. It is so smooth, beautiful, and shiny. It adds style and elegance to your floors.

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Polished concrete flooring is tough and resilient, and is able to withstand high heels and furniture legs. These floors do not chip or dent easily, and pet claws can not scratch the surface. Polished concrete can withstand wear, and is resistant to fire and scuff marks.


You can choose the level of sheen that you prefer, from stain to high-gloss. And as long as the concrete is smooth and free from defects, holes, and bumps, you can install any floor surface covering over your concrete floor at a later date, though you may need an underlayment to be installed between your concrete floor and the new material that you want.

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Reflects Light

When you have a reflective floor like a polished concrete which bounces off light, you not only save on lighting but you also have a magnificent mirror-like floor. Evidence suggests that the high reflectivity of polished concrete floors can reduce the need for high energy lighting by as much as 30%.

Environment Friendly

Polished concrete does not contain volatile organic compounds which make its surface environment friendly. There are no coatings applied, such as waxes or other hazardous wastes.


Safe and Non-Slippery

A polished concrete floor may look like glass, but it has a high coefficient of friction which makes it non-slippery whether the floor it is wet or dry.

Lower Lifetime Cost

With a polished concrete floor, you don’t have to spend money on waxes or coatings. Polished concrete has a longer lifespan than most flooring materials. They only need to be refinished once every five to ten years. A polished concrete can survive under high traffic conditions for years to come. It can save you money while keeping you from the hassle of getting a new flooring installed periodically.


Less Downtime during Concrete Polishing Process

The downtime required for the concrete polishing process is minimal and the polished areas can be used immediately after the completion of the process. In many cases, there are contractors who can do concrete polishing process without interrupting your daily routine and activity.

When you have unpolished concrete in your homes, perhaps it is time to get in touch with a professional concrete polishing contractor to turn your floor into an elegant polished concrete, and you can enjoy all the other benefits it can bring to your home.