How to Get Stains Out of Marble Table

Surely in your home, you’ll have many items with much value or worth thousands of dollars. Thus, it would be very unfortunate for you to ruin these materials. As much as possible, you want to keep them free from any form of dirt and dust thus even small stains on their surface areas- hence one example that completely fits on this description is your marble table. This specific material is truly quite expensive, depending on the size and type or origin of the marbles. When you see some thick pattern on its surface, most definitely it is a stain. When this happens, you should have to take care of it right away.

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But before you clean your marble table, it is important to know its origin first and the type of marble you have in your home. This is to determine the suitable marble cleaning solution that will be safe your marble table. To do this effectively, you can ask for some help with the professionals. In this article, you will learn some basic tips on how to get stains out of a marble table.

1.  First, simply lay a clean soft cloth over the marble table, exactly where the liquid spills are. Be certain that it’s all soaked up before continuing.

2.  Next, put a small container with warm water inside and place it near the marble table. Add some drops of any mild and gentle dishwashing liquid solution, and mix it completely.

3.  Get a soft medium-sized sponge and dip it to the dishwashing soap solution. Dip the sponge and wring it out.

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4.  Use the sponge to begin cleaning the stains on the marble table. You can press down with your hand. The sponge will not cause any scratches on the marble surface. If finished, dry it with the use of another clean, dry and soft cloth.

5.  Check the stains. Keep in mind that you have to continue to blot the stain on the marble table with the soapy sponge, if the stains are still visible. When done, dry the marble table.

6.  The marble table needs to be rinsed again with water in order to prevent further damages.


7.  After cleaning the stains on your marble table, you can actually polish them for an extra shine. You can make use of any polishing product good for marble stones. Simple follow the instructions attached into its guide.

8.  Lastly, keep in mind that never use acid-base cleaners because acid id too harmful for the marbles. Moreover, it could only pose permanent damages on the marble table.