Cleaning and Restoring Terrazzo

Even during the ancient times, terrazzo is basically one of the most creative masonry in the world. In addition to that, terrazzo can also be seen eve during in old relics. Terrazzo stones come in different colors which is mostly earth colors. It has been widely used before even in today’s era. Moreover, today terrazzo offers or has been developed more creatively with innovative designs. In fact today, you would definitely enjoy choosing from numerous kinds of terrazzo stones. Most stores today offer the most suitable terrazzo for your home and for your personality.

Basically, this kind of stone is made up of natural minerals as well as marble or glass chips. A terrazzo stone is composed of approximately 2/3 of marble chips which makes them so attractive. Keeping terrazzo at home is actually less worries, but its components are porous. Due to is porosity, there are some proper ways to maintain them look natural and beautiful at all times. In case you think you need to restore terrazzo in your home, simply contact a professional company and hire their services.


Dull terrazzo can actually be restored and gain its shine by simply knowing the natural characteristics of your terrazzo at home. By then, ask someone who is professional in determining the correct procedure to clean your terrazzo at home. Furthermore, it is also important to check the exact affected area that needs restoration service prior to the cleaning and restoration job.

On the other hand, serious damages such as cracks or missing pieces of the terrazzo stone are ought to be handled by the professionals. However, you may also consider yourself using some sealants products. Choose a sealant that has no cement compounds like epoxy, polyester as well as urethane. Sealant is actually used in order to give protection for the terrazzo surface. In case some adhesive remains, just sue a soft brush or a sponge. Never scrape the terrazzo since it can surely create visible scratches and damages.


In case you choose to clean or polish your terrazzo floors at home, always be certain with the quality of the solutions you are going to use. It is also advisable to mix any solutions with some parts of water. Make use of the product according to its instructions. You can leave the solution for a while on the terrazzo but do not let to air dry.

By means of regular cleaning, you can make it free from dusts and dirt, which is actually the very first main thing to do in order to maintain terrazzo beautiful. In case, you are unsure to handle terrazzo in your home, it is best to simply hire the professionals and call a local terrazzo floor cleaning company today.