How to Apply Concrete Acid Staining

Basically, concrete acid staining is a method that helps concrete floors to maintain its beautiful and shiny surface. In addition to that, this technique gives protection to the concrete floors as well as decorates them. Conducting a high quality services of this specific technique on concrete floors will actually depend to the surface you are going to treat. For example, if the concrete surface has some discolorations or blemishes, wrong approach of staining could possibly exaggerate the existing blemishes. Most house owners are hiring an expert for this, however, the following are some basic tips that will surely guide you to do the said process. But keep in mind that if you are very unsure with this job, it is always best to contact a professional company and hire the experts.

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1. Before you begin with the process, make sure to clean and dry the entire concrete surface you are going to stain. Clean it completely thus be certain that there are no dirt even smallest debris. But in case you have to utilize some cleaning solution in order to get rid of all the dirt and grime on the concrete’s surface, allow a few minutes to dry before you start the concrete staining job.

2. Be sure to cover and protect all the nearby surfaces or materials that you do not wish to be stained. You can use thick plastic sheet or old newspaper for protection. You can also simply remove them from the work area.

3. Next, apply an adequate amount of concrete stain directly to the concrete surface with the use of a spray bottle and a soft brush. Apply the concrete stain evenly doing a circle pattern. In case you would want to have a darker stains on your concrete, simply apply for second coat but do this right after the first coat dries. On the other hand, if you want lighter stain, just cut the stain with at least half part of clean water. Depending to the quality of the stain product, basically the water will prevent any chemical reaction that results to staining. Moreover, if you want an even coat, be sure not to leave any visible brush marks on the concrete surface. Though, in concrete staining job, brush could sometimes leave a desirable or perhaps an artistic strokes but still it is most often a result of a sloppy job.

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4. Now, mop, clean and rinse carefully the solutions on the concrete surface. Rinsing may require more than twice.

5. Apply a sealant and after that leave it for some days depending to the thickness of the solution you applied.