How to Restore Marble Floors

When marbles in your home become dull of course you will do anything to save them from damages. Marble is one of the most beautiful investment you could have in your home. Due to this fact, a lot of house owners are taking care of their marbles in order to make them long lasting. Basically, marble restoration process serves two main purposes and that is to clean the marble floor as well as to restore the luster and shine of the marbles. But when cleaning and restoring marbles, you need to be aware with extreme caution that has to be taken. Marbles are very delicate and porous stone thus they need proper care and treatment. With that in mind, using chemicals of any sort to restore the marble floor is not highly advised.

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On the other hand, here are some of the basic tips to follow when cleaning marbles at home in order to restore their natural beauty.

1.    Clean the entire marble floor with warm water. Gently wipe is surface with soft sponge or mop.

2.  Get rid of all the visible stains from the marble floor. You can prepare a mixture of at least ½ cup hydrogen peroxide with six cups of water and use this in removing some stains. Dip a sponge in the solution and then rub the stain very carefully.

3.  Next is to hone the floor. You will need a 600 grit sandpaper to wet-sand the floor. It is important to keep the marble floor as well as the sandpaper wet at all times. Honing can help the marble floor look flawless hence it can remove any imperfections in its surface. If the marble floor in your home is actually heavily used, then this is a perfect way to restore them fully.

4.  Afterwards, buffing the floor is essential. To buff marble floors, you will need to use a buffing pad or a buffing machine. Buffing pad can be bought in the market, while you can easily rent a buffing machine to a local marble restoration company.

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5.   Nevertheless, buffing alone won’t create a mirror-shine effect, you need to polish the floor after buffing it. Marble polishing will bring out the natural shine and luster of the marble floor hence giving you a complete satisfaction with the result.

6.  As much possible, avoid crystallizing the marble flooring. In this procedure, chemical are used which could possibly harm the porous marble floors.