How to Get Rid of Terrazzo Stains

Today, terrazzo has been very popular flooring as well as countertopping material. Generally, this kind of stone is embedded with chips of marbles which makes them look very different as compared to the other stones. Aside from that, terrazzo has unique styles and designs. To make a terrazzo, two parts of marble is mixed together with one part of cement. Its surface is basically made up of at least 70% of marble chips. Keep in mind that it is very important to take care of the terrazzo flooring with utmost cleaning techniques. This due to the fact that the marble part of it is stain-resistant and does not absorb spills however the cement part is permeable thus absorbs stains easily.

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1.  Get rid of stains right away caused by alcoholic beverages. Clean them with the use of soapy warm water. Gently wipe the stains with soft cloth. In case the stain is stubborn, you can add some amount of denatured alcohol. In case still nothing happens, use hydrogen peroxide this time.

2.  In cleaning sticky blood stains prepare a bucket of warm, clean water. You can add a few drops of ammonia to the water if the blood stains are hard to clean.

3.  To clean coffee, tea and soda stains, simply soak a piece of absorbent cloth to a water added with glycerin. Pour an ample amount to the affected area and let it sit for some minutes. Alternatively, you can just create a paste of hydrogen peroxide and calcium carbonate or perhaps any abrasive powder and hot water.

4.  Oil and grease stains should be cleaned with warm water. Use any mild and gentle liquid detergent. Just wipe the affected area with the use of clean cloth.

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5. Ink stains might be one of the hardest stains to clean. Get rid of ink stains by using warm water and liquid detergent. To clean old ink stains, you need to use sodium perborate added in a pint of water. Stir until it turn out to a paste form. Pour the paste to the ink and wait for 10-15 minutes before you clean and rinse.

Basically, it is easy to clean dull terrazzo floors at home. However, when the situation is really serious and you do not know how to handle them, it is best to contact the professionals and let them give you high quality terrazzo cleaning services you need.