Terrazzo Restoration

Although terrazzo floors are known for being extra tough, old examples may need terrazzo restoration to bring back their beauty. Through the passage of time and normal wear and tear especially in high traffic areas, holes will be observed and there will be pits where the stone chips used to be. Filling will be needed in these instances. In case the surface has lost its luster, diamond grinding and polishing will be necessary to restore the old beauty of the stone surface.

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In order to understand the nature of terrazzo, it is good to know a bit of its history. Terrazzo is an artificial stone that is made with the use of natural stone chips. In simple terms, it it is a type of floor surface that is made by setting stone chips into an epoxy or cement medium. The word terrazzo was derived from terrazza, an Italian word that means terrace. It was originally the material made of marble remnants that mosaic workers used to surface the floor of their terraces. Originally rough, terrazzo rose to popularity when it was discovered that the surface can be made smoother and more beautiful when rubbed with stones.

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It is this smoothing and polishing technique that inspired floor care companies of today to think of a simple way to bring back the great look of terrazzo. This surface is very ideal for restoration because it combines an attractive appearance with high durability, which makes all the repair and restoration efforts more productive and satisfying. Since terrazzo contains natural stone chips like marble and other stones, it can be buffed to a high gloss. It is also the customer’s option to have penetrative sealer applied to protect the surface from discoloration and staining.

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When it comes to fixing pits and holes, terrazzo repair specialists would patch up the said areas. First, they make surfaces of the hole rough to ensure that the patch will adhere well. Then they clean up the pits or holes by removing all the dirt and dust. Then the specialist would find the closest matches to the chips and mix an epoxy or cement which will also be the bonding agent. Once the patch has set, it is then smoothened to match the surrounding area. Ideally, the patchwork must not be noticeable from a distance. This will ensure that the damaged areas will not stand out so much.

Apart from holes and pits, dull terrazzo is also a candidate for restoration. This is because bringing back its old shine requires a lot of work. A thick layer has to be stripped from the surface to bring out its original charm. Professionals will be needed because polishing machines, abrasives will be used to get rid of the faded or scratched surface.

When the terrazzo restoration process is done, maintaining the surface will be easy as a regular mop will be used to clean up the surface. Care must be taken to protect the terrazzo from getting more damage such as scratches and etches.