Terrazzo Polishing

Terrazzo polishing is often considered one way of restoring the mosaic floor since the restoration process involves cleaning, repair and polishing. Although terrazzo is man-made, it still falls under the category of stone floors. This is due to the fact that it is made of cementitious or chemical binder and marble, granite, quartz, or glass chips. Some even use shells to make it more unique. The mixture is cured, ground and polished until the surface is smooth. Some terrazzo may also have a uniform textured surface.

At some point, terrazzo will lose its glossy finish due to wear and tear, natural elements, foot traffic and the dirt that is accumulated on the surface. Cleaning and polishing will be needed to restore the look it had when it was newly installed. In fact, terrazzo should have regular maintenance to keep it looking great. You can do the polishing yourself as long as you have the equipment and the muscle.

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The first step is to clean the terrazzo floor thoroughly, so sweep up loose dirt. Use a stiff broom to do this. Next is to clean the whole area with a commercial cleaner and warm water. Take note that the floor will be slippery at this stage. You have to be careful with choosing the cleaner because it has to be neutral. Terrazzo and its sealer can be damaged by acidic and alkaline cleaners. If you can find a cleaner specifically designed for terrazzo, that would be even better. Now use a mop or broom brush to clean up the entire surface that is treated with water and neutral cleaner.

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When you are done mopping or brushing the terrazzo floor, rinse it with lukewarm water. Make sure that the cleaner is completely removed from the surface. Let the floor dry thoroughly. You will need a polishing machine that is designed to buff stone surfaces such as marble, terrazzo and other floors. You do not need to buy one as they can be rented from professional cleaning companies. Attach a new floor polishing pad to get the best results. Begin polishing from the corner.

Polish the entire terrazzo surface with straight, long and continuous strokes. In order to avoid missing certain spots, do overlapping strokes. Do not worry about over-polishing a terrazzo floor. The result will always be consistent. Sweep up any residue from the polishing machine. Now your terrazzo floor looks shiny and new again.

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It can be seen that polishing terrazzo will take some work and materials as well as a machine that you have to rent. There are safety hazards and although the results are satisfactory, they will not be as good as that done by professionals. Floor care companies do not only have all the equipment needed to produce high quality results, they also have all the knowledge and experience to make sure that the terrazzo floor will look clean, shiny and new for a long time.  Hiring professional terrazzo polishing services may be costly but in the long run it is a practical choice.