Terrazzo Floor Restoration Fort Lauderdale

To maintain an ambiance of beauty in your home, always take time to clean your terrazzo tile floor. Since terrazzo floor restoration fort lauderdale is a type of agglomerate flooring, it should be treated like marble in a maintenance program so terrazzo cleaning is a must. Do you know that terrazzo is made by mixing marble chips into a cement or resin base? It is a mixture of glass, granite, marble and quartz or other suitable chips. To cement all the materials, a binder such as epoxy or acrylic or a combination of both is poured over the material. After curing, grounding and polishing the mixture into a smooth surface, it appears like uniformly textured flooring.

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Although, it is hardy and easy to care for, terrazzo tile floor easily gets stain over time even with regular cleaning. You can deep clean your terrazzo floor using natural stone cleaner or commercial cleaner that prevents scratches from acidic or alkaline cleaners. It is good practice to deep clean your terrazzo floors at least two times a year, meanwhile sweeping them every day, mopping them every week to keep them looking best.

In cleaning your floor every day, you will need these items: a broom, one dust pan, 2 buckets/pails, a natural stone or terrazzo floor cleaner, a pair of rubber gloves, one scrub brush, a piece of cloth and a towel. An electric floor scrubber will shine floor faster but it is optional as manual procedure give the same result.

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(1) Start from the corner and work your way across; sweep the floor thoroughly. A dust pan will collect all the dirt and debris that you can conveniently throw away.

(2) Fill two buckets with 1 gallon of warm water each, then on one bucket, add 1/2 cup of natural stone or terrazzo floor cleaner. Use rubber gloves for protection. Never use bleach, oil, vinegar, wax or types of cleaner on terrazzo floors.

(3) Dip your scrub brush into the bucket containing cleaning solution and use this to scrub the floor with a circular motion. For more efficient result, work in small sections and rinsing scrub brush often in the clear water as you work your way across the floor. If you have difficulty in kneeling for a long time, use a long-handled scrub brush. Use a pillow or knee pads to protect your knees while scrubbing.

(4) Wipe the rims of the floor with a cloth dipped into the cleaning solution. If you have an electric floor scrubber, you can use this instead of manually scrubbing the floor.

(5) Dry the floor with a towel.

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Terrazzo is sturdy and does not need protection from wear but it needs protection from absorption and stains. Being porous, it is easily stained and is etched by acids. Never allow carbonated beverages, fruit juice, toilet bowl cleaners, urine or other acids to remain on terrazzo. Wipe surface immediately with wet cloth. If surfaced is scratched and etched, polishing may be required. You have to get the service of a professional cleaner if you want good results.

Terrazzo cleaning is the most important step to maintain a lovely floor. Doing it yourself is a cost saver but in the long run you will realize that hiring a prop is still the best option.