How to Clean Terrazzo

Since ancient times, terrazzo stones have been popular. The stones are being used to design a certain part of a place. The surface of this stone is shiny and sparkling. But taking care of terrazzo is not an easy task. This stone is actually incorporated with some chips of marble. It was cemented and then polished. Terrazzo has also the ability to absorb moisture and stains this is because of the cement. Stained terrazzo should be cleaned right away to prevent severe damages. Aside from that, regular sweeping or mopping can help a lot to maintain the beauty of the terrazzo.

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Perhaps you want to handle dull terrazzo at home, simply follow the instructions below.

1. First, simply prepare all the cleaning materials you might need such as the dust mop, soft cloth or dust mop, empty medium sized bucket and a good and pH neutral floor cleaner.

2. Next, is to sweep the entire floor and make sure that the terrazzo floor is completely dry. Sweep all the area and remove all the dirt or dust. On the other hand, if you have a vacuum machine, you may also use this for your terrazzo cleaning job.

3. Now, prepare the cleaning solution carefully. In a clean water, just add some amount of any pH neutral terrazzo cleaner and then mop the floor. Do not use a solution with acid content because such chemical is bad or harmful for the terrazzo. For example is the vinegar, this is a natural ingredient but certainly not suitable to be used as a terrazzo cleaner. Upon using the solution, read the instructions or the labels very carefully.

4. Apply an amount of the cleaner and let the solution sit for some minutes. By doing so, the solution will loosen up all the dirt on the terrazzo surface. But do not allow the solution to dry.

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5. After several minutes, clean and rinse the treated terrazzo with clean water. Use another clean mop. Basically, this specific step requires numerous rinses in order to get rid of all the dirt on the terrazzo surfaces.

6. Finally, to achieve top shine, you will need to buff the floor. A buffing machine is needed this time.

However, if the job is hard for you. Just contact a professional terrazzo restoration company and let them do excellent services for you. They are capable of restoring dull terrazzo in most effective way.