Terrazzo polishing not the same as Grinding

Terrazzo polishing and grinding are two of the most essential steps that help differentiate the material from other floor or wall stones. However close they come, the two essential steps are different. The obvious difference between is simply stated as:  grinding involves scratching a surface while polishing is melting it.

Before polishing a terrazzo, you have ground with successively 400 or 500 grit with no visible scores. For best result, the material should be bone-dry for best results. You can buy the polishing powder or mix your own by mixing flak shellac (from bodies of Asian beetle)powdered oxalic acid and tin oxide.

For your own safety, wear a respirator.Use a mop or polishing pad of the grinding head. Apply some powder on the area andmist with spray bottle. Using the polisher; evenly spread the mixture on surface moving in tiny tight circles. As it starts to dry, push the polishing head with strong force to create heated friction. Your movement is now slowly as heat and pressure will melt the surface. It is now creating a vitreous surface. The result is stunning —you will be truly awed by the vision.

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Terrazzo is a wonderful substitute for tile and natural stone flooring.  This type of flooring permeates a room without ridges or grouting causing the marble chips to emit reflective value when exposed to light. Most owners of terrazzo want to save money by purchasing a do-it-yourself cleaning kit from the local hardware store or home improvement warehouse. Their purpose is good but professional care is needed. Certified floor service is needed for grinding, honing, and polishing equipment, and technicians with years of experience restoring terrazzo floors.

Only experts can determine the correct buffing technique and pad coarseness to hone and polish systematically floor from a dull finish to a high shine. The process is so complicated and tedious one, but you would forget about the expenses when you see the result as your floor glitters like new. Good flooring services have earned the reputation for cleaning, polishing and restoration.

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The material may appear to havean extremely solid surface, but it is actually quite porous. In its unsealed condition, terrazzo is open to penetration and damage from harmless everyday activities as spilled cup of coffee or glass of beverage or wine. This type of acidic liquid is a risk as poses a serious damage to untreated terrazzo. Protect your investment by applying a chemical sealant that closes the cement and stone tightly in your terrazzo to form an invisible surface layer of protection. Porosity will no longer endanger your property. Get the advice and assistance from the professionals.

Your flooring should not only look stunning but durable as the life in the building. As an ideal floor material, terrazzo polishing is one step to enjoy your wise investment. Clean your floor regularly but the minutes it begins to crack and chip, it is in need of polishing. Since the task and procedure is complicated, you have to consult the experts.