The Beautiful Result of Terrazzo Restoration

Most people see lots of floors from terrazzo; you are likely to see them in business establishments, indoor shopping centers, homes, hospitals, malls, supermarkets, train stations and lots of other areas that include heavy foot traffic. But unlike diamonds, the material does not last forever. Terrazzo restoration is the best option to retain its beauty.

You might give your floor the best care but only stone professionals undergo years of training and acquired the expertise to restore terrazzo floors to their original lovely look. They offer the best chip and crack repair that makes your tile looks as good as new. What was once a gray ugly fill today is an artfully prepared blend of stone and resin designed to match your existing floor construction.

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A reliable floor restorer will be able to assess your terrazzo particular make-up including: (1) chip size; (2) chip distribution; (3) chip type & color; and (4) Matrix color.

After analyzing, a Portland cement or epoxy resin properly color-matched is prepared and filled with the right kind of marble chips based on its type, size and color. After set-up of repair, the materials is honed flat and polished to match the finish on your floor.

Terrazzo floors are extremely long-lasting but are affected by the ravage of time; so they need extensive restoration to resurrect their former beauty. The will need diamond grinding and polishing to fill in holes or pits for loose stone chippings and to restore the loss of luster.

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Once fully restored, you can easily maintain it with regular dry and mopping, or in a commercial environment, scrubber-drying is used. Due to the presence of calcite based aggregates like marble, most Terrazzo floors are susceptible to etching. It is important to wipe immediately any acid spills to avoid the depth of the etching and loss of shine to the floor.

Aside from its low cost, terrazzo is a pretty alternative to natural stone flooring. By combining marble chips with cement, it looks stunning in large as well as small spaces. Either in solid or tiled patterns, it emits a high gloss and sheen to accentuate any home decor.

Due to wear and tear, over time, polish and sealers begin to erode, and wax begins to yellow. Damages and stains from gouges and scratches occur. In open spaces, these spots will diminish the beauty of your floor. Your daily cleaning and polishing are of no avail as the effects of time will continue to increase.

Services of an expert restore terrazzo flooring to its original elegance as they apply the latest technique for stripping the wax and then grinding out the stained or damaged areas that ultimately produces spectacular results in less time. Proper techniques are important to avoid the risk of further damage, especially when it comes to etching that can happen with the work of amateurs. After they evaluate the damage of your floors, they will do their best to minimize or eliminate the appearance of stains and other signs of wear.

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Terrazzo restoration involves honing the surface using specialty equipment. The job is so complicated that you need to consult a professional restoration service to maintain the beauty of your restored floor.